As you most likely know Bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency, and therefore it’s the easiest to buy, but we also accept other digital currencies such has LTC, ETH or DASH.

Those concerned with their privacy, should only buy crypto using “cash” via local sellers or atms (high fees).

World of Coins, Mycelium local trader, Localbitcoins, Cancoin; are some example of exchanges.

COINATMRADAR is the best tool to locate the crypto atms, bitcoin are the most common, ethereum, litecoin and dash are starting to make their way into the atms service, just look on the COINATMRADAR’s map. Atms are anonymous but the buying fees are higher, from 5% to 25%+ make sure you know what’s the rate before you purchase.

There’s plenty of services such has Coinbase that offer EMT/Interac/creditcard payment for those who don’t mind sharing their personal info. Do your research about their fees, and compare them.

Litecoin is easy to purchase, and have low mining fees “pennies”, therefore we suggest you buy LTC to make your online trading. You can compare mining “transaction” fees on BITINFOCHARTS

If you’re concerned with staying anonymous, you can trade your virtual coins for some other cryptocurrency via Shapeshift. Don’t get DASH and dashcoin mixed up. We offer Litecoin, DASH and Bitcoincash payments, if you wish to pay with another crypto, please ask, we’ll make it available for you.


Dash, Monero, and Zcash are anonymous focused virtual currencies, but Zcash is still in beta, therefore we won’t use it until it’s stable.

Electrum, Coinomi, Jaxx, Mycelium are good desktop/mobile wallet.

We don’t recommend websites wallets, especially for handling large amounts of money.

Hardware wallets such has ledger, keepkey, and trezor are perfect for storage.

Paper wallets are also a good cold storage option.


Most likely you’ll have your wallet in your “smartphone”, no need to get a “desktop” wallet.

If you’re viewing our site via a desktop, you can use the “QR codes” to send payments. You’ll see a small “QR code” icon in the “send payment” section of your “mobile” cryptocurrency wallet.

Always double-check the payment addresses. especially when you “copy and paste” them, before sending.

Vpn and Tor


Vpn or Tor is recommended if you mind your ISP or other curious entities monitoring your online activities, is the recommended anonymous search engine for now.

Most of the vpn services available cant be trusted, look on: to figure out the best for you.

Tor can’t be fully trusted, as some exit nodes can be monitored by various entities.

The more people use Tor in your area, the better it is for your anonymity.



If you’re concerned with the privacy of the messages you send we suggest you use PGP “pretty good privacy”.

The concept is pretty simple, you have a file/text/email you attached the receiver’s “public” key with it, his key will make a “cipher text”, the receiver will need his private key to unlock/decrypt this “cipher text” and show the original message.

You can create private/public keys, and manage your key-rings with an application such has OpenPGP, GPG4Win and more. Then import your key into your email-client, we suggest you only use open-source email clients such as: K-9 MAIL, THUNDERBIRD MAIL, CLAWS MAIL.

Or you can use a simple third-party email client such has protonmail, or tutanota. We dont recommend hushmail.


We can do live chat instructions for anyone that may need help in cryptography.